Manton Customs Apparition

Apparition Guitar

This is the Apparition, It was a one off custom (though may be repeatable). The body was a bought in then a neck was made for it which had fibre optic position markers installed, illuminating playing on dimly lit stages. There is also an aluminium “Stargate” inlay at the twelfth fret featuring two more lights as the "suns" above each pyramid.

The neck is of AAA grade hard maple exhibiting beautiful figure and featuring my reverse headstock design as seen on the Horizon. Also like the Horizon it features a beautiful Brazilian kingwood fingerboard with aluminium nut.

Hardware is a Gotoh Tune O Matic bridge and Gotoh tuners. The pickups are two Kent Armstrong Super Distortions which deliver a high gain rock tone.

As mentioned above, this may be repeatable if I can track down another body, so if interested please contact us. The body shape however is definitely repeatable, which is why it is included in our range.

Please remember, any of our models can be specified with a different number of strings, scale length, frets, pickups or anything else for that matter! Also we offer the option for you to design your very own unique guitar or bass with your own body shape and specifications.

Features Overview

25 1/2 Scale

22 Frets

AAA Grade Hard Maple Neck

Brazilian Kingwood Fingerboard

Reverse Headstock

Aluminum Position Markers With Fiber Optic Lights

Stargate Inlay at 12th Fret

Aluminum Nut

Acrylic Body

Gotoh Tune O Matic Bridge

Gotoh Tuners

Dunlop Straplocks

2 X Kent Armstrong Super Distortion Pickups

Alpha Pots, Orange Drop Capacitors and Switchcraft Jack

Ernie Ball Strings



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