The Archon Bass

An elegant and original body shape inspired by the Greek Lyer, hence the name which is Greek for “ruler”. It features a beautiful burr wych elm top with English maple back and walnut accent line between the two. The neck is a three piece walnut and ash featuring a hornbeam fingerboard and nut. Hornbeam is fingerboard option I'm happy to offer as it is an excellent fingerboard choice, it is extremely hard, can be exceptionally beautiful and is native to the UK. More often you will see plane creamy coloured hornbeam, but the stock this piece is from had turned a beautiful olive colour over time. Again, all the woods used on this bass are native to the UK.

A single Kent Armstrong Soap bar pickup provides a deep bassy tone, which is mated to the Active Kent Armstrong 3 band tone circuit providing massive amount of bass, that drives your amp hard!

The gold Gotoh (203 bridge) and Wilkinson hardware finishes off the bass nicely and gives it that royal look.

This bass has been used by myself on many gigs, so you will have to forgive the few dents scuffs and scratches you may be able to see! It has served me extremely well, never letting me down and filling venues with window shaking lows!

Please remember, any of our models can be specified with a different number of strings, scale length, frets, pickups or anything else for that matter! Also we offer the option for you to design your very own unique guitar or bass with your own body shape and specifications.

Features Overview

34" Scale

22 Frets

Three Piece Walnut and Ash Neck

Hornbeam Fingerboard

Hornbeam Nut

Angled Headstock

Front +  Rear Veneers head veneers

Wych Elm Top

English Maple Body

Walnut Accent Veneer

Gotoh 203 Bridge

Wilkinson Tuners

Dunlop Straplocks

Single Kent Armstrong Soapbar Pickup

Kent Armstrong 3 Band Tone Circuit

Rotosound Strings


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