1938 Cromwell G4 By Gibson Restoration

Here are some pictures of one of our restoration projects. It is a 1938 Cromwell G4 archtop guitar, made by Gibson at their Kalamazoo factory. It came to us with a smashed side, missing fingerboard and no bridge. The aim for the restoration was not to make it look brand new but to repair the damage and return the guitar to a playable state while still letting the guitar show it’s age and interesting history. So a new fingerboard and wooden bridge were made to match how the originals would have been. Then the side was carefully put back together like a jigsaw. Though unfortunately it was a jigsaw with some missing pieces. The repair needed a sensitive approach to retain originality, so areas that were missing wood were filled with matching pieces of antique mahogany. These were carefully crafted and inlaid into the voids. This created a repair that was not only strong and looked great, but also retained the maximum amount of original material. Once complete the guitar sounded excellent and we took great satisfaction in hearing it sing again after what must have been a long time out of action.

If you have a project like this then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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The Finished Cromwell by Gibson G4

Before and after restoration


M A N T O N    C U S T O M S


Side repair before and after.

Repairs, Setup, Fretwork and Refinishes

We are happy to offer a repair service for any damaged instruments along with many other maintenance services. We also offer a complete refinish service in a range of different finishes. See below for a list of some of the repair/maintenance services we offer-

If there is anything else guitar related you require not listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us, we are setup to tackle anything! Based in Shropshire near Ludlow/Bridgnorth.

A refinish of a 1986 Gibson Flying V, in Arctic White Nitro Lacquer

A Black Limba Custom Body

Custom Neck

Have you got a bolt on guitar or bass with a damaged or unusable neck where repair is not an option, or maybe just fancy a change for something that will suit you better? Then we would be happy to help by building you a brand new neck to your own specifications, including wood choice, width, depth and even custom inlay.

Custom Body

If you have a neck you love but a body you don't due to weight, shape, pickup configuration or damage then it maybe worth considering having a custom body made for the current neck. We would be happy to work to your own or existing designs with a wide range of woods available.

If the replacement body or neck is needed due to damage, often the cost of the replacement can be covered by your home insurance. We would be glad to work with your insurance company if this is the case.

General damage repair

Full restorations

Headstock Repair

Acoustic repairs

Custom bridges made

Pickup routing

Evertune bridge install

Paint chip repair



Defret to Fretless    

Fretless Epoxy coating

Fret level


Fretboard replacement

Truss Rod replacement

1979 SD Curlee - New Custom Neck and Full Restoration

 These basses were built in the USA and this particular one was built around 1979. They had a few interesting features such as a Medium scale length of 32.5" and a very deep neck tenon which extends all the way back to the bridge. Making it a sort of neck through bolt on hybrid!

Unfortunately the original neck had lots of issues so I was commissioned to build a brand new replacement neck for it - a 5 piece Maple and Mahogany laminate to match the original. The body was also pretty battered, so this was given a complete refinish. The bass was also treated to a complete rewire with new pots, jack and pickups, making it ready for the next 40 years!

SD Curlee After Restoration

Custom 5 pc Maple/Mahogany Neck

Custom 7 pc Cuban Mahogany/Maple acoustic neck featuring laminated stacked heel

Fender USA Jazz bass Elite respray in Blueburst Nitrocellulose Lacquer

Archtop guitar refinish in Satin Nitro Lacquer

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